Brain myelination study in healthy infants (NEW!)

In March 2017, Wyeth Nutrition, in collaboration with the Nestlé Research Center (NRC) in Lausanne, began a nutritional intervention clinical trial in healthy babies to study the effect of...

Regular omega-3 intake during pregnancy could boost baby brain and vision (NEW!)

Women could enhance the development of their unborn child's eyesight and brain function by regularly eating omega-3 rich fatty fish during pregnancy, say researchers from Finland. 

Early Life Nutrition May Influence Developmental Myelination and Cognition (NEW!)

Previous studies have shown both the differences in myelination between exclusively breastfed and exclusively formula-fed infants. This  milestone publication also looks at how the varying...

Omega-3 and pregnancy: New Cochrane Review reveals reduced risk of pre-term births (NEW!)

Increasing omega‐3 intake during pregnancy, either through supplements or in foods, may reduce the incidence of pre-term births and the likelihood of having a baby with a low birthweight, according...

Learning Corner

Effects of Lipids and Related Nutrients on Cognitive Outcomes in Infants and Toddlers (NEW!)

The importance of lipid related components for normal brain development in infants and toddlers.

Building the Physiology of Thought (NEW!)

Shared the fascinating insights on Theory of Mind: recognizing and predicting what others think, want and feel using cases of children and adults.

Long Term Effects of Early Nutrition on Brain Development and Function (NEW!)

Early development and long-term function of the brain are critically dependent on adequate nutrient supply during pregnancy and early childhood.

Academic Activities

3rd Pediatric Endocrinology Update: “Healthly Hormonal Lifespan: From Fetus to Adolescent”

Associate Professor Craig Munns
Margaret Zacharin

Material Thyroid Dysfunction: The Effects on Their Babies


Implementation Of Nutritional Strategies Decreases Postnatal Growth Restriction In Preterm Infants (NEW!)

Study reported optimized and individualized nutritional intervention promotes postnatal growth of preterm infants without any effect on % fat mass.

Specific Breast Milk Nutrients May Work Together To Influence Cognitive Abilities Of 6-Month-Old Infants

Reviewed the cohort study abstract that specific breast milk nutrients may work together to influence cognitive development and possible mechanisms.


CDC Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones of when and how children grasp skills of crawling, walking, smiling, learning, speaking and etc.

Neurodevelopmental MRI Database

Offers average MRIs and associated MRI volumes as references for neurodevelopmental work for 2 weeks of age through 89 years of age.


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