Scientific Opinion On The Substantiation Of Health Claims Related To Foods With Reduced Lactose Content And Decreasing Gastro-Intestinal Discomfort

Panel stated consumption of foods with reduced lactose may help to decrease GI discomfort caused by lactose intake in lactose intolerant individuals.

NIH Blueprint For Neuroscience

Fact sheet on the mission, Human Connectome Project /Grand Challenges, BRAIN initiative, resource and future of NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience.

Scientific Opinion on nutrient requirements and dietary intakes of infants and young children in the European Union

This Opinion described dietary intakes and requirements in infants and young children in Europe and the potential role of young-child formulae.

Scientific Opinion on the essential composition of infant and follow-on formulae

This opinion reviews the opinion provided by the Scientific Committee on Food in 2003 on the essential requirements of infant and follow-on formulae.

Learning Corner

Nutritional management strategy for preterm infants (NEW!)

Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is often required for infants <32 weeks GA or <1500g BW. A relatively high dose (2g/kg/d protein) within hours of birth, and lipid from day 2 (2g/kg/d) with the aim...

Preterm Nutrition: Effect on Growth, Morbidity and Cognition

Nutrition of extremely preterms is one of the most important areas for improvement in neonatal care. Nutrition of preterm infants can be improved by: Education of physicians, improved parenteral...

Feeding Oligosaccharides (prebiotics) to the Preterm Infant

Importance of feeding prebiotics to preterm infants. To reduction stool viscosity, improvement of gastrointestinal transit, positive effect on gut flora, less serious neonatal infections.

Academic Activities

3rd Pediatric Endocrinology Update: “Healthly Hormonal Lifespan: From Fetus to Adolescent”

Associate Professor Craig Munns
Margaret Zacharin

Material Thyroid Dysfunction: The Effects on Their Babies
Maternal Metabolic Imbalance: Its Impact on fetal growth Early Nutrition and Metabolic
Outcome Congenital Hypothyroid Newborn Screening: What To Do with Abnormal Result?


UNC launches new study to uncover nutritional impacts on early brain development (NEW!)

Scientists at UNC and UMN embarked on the Baby Connectome Project (BCP), a groundbreaking NIH study launched in 2016 designed to quantitatively map human brain connectivity from birth through early childhood. Now, researchers are going one step further with the “BCP-Enriched” initiative, a four-year research project funded through Wyeth Nutrition to substantially expand the scope of the original study and explore the connections between nutrition and brain development processes in children ages 0-3 years.


CDC Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones of when and how children grasp skills of crawling, walking, smiling, learning, speaking and etc.

The Early Nutrition eAcademy (ENeA)

NEW MODULE – “Infant Formula Feeding” is available NOW!


  • An Introduction to Infant Formula Feeding
  • Indications for and Effects of Infant Formula Feeding
  • Types and Composition of Infant Formula
  • Correct Formula Preparation and Bottle Feeding


Infant Formula Feeding More Info


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